Triangular South-south Corporation project


Biogas, Biomass and Solar Trilateral Cooperation Transitioning to Sustainable Energy Uses in the Agro-Industry in Sri Lanka

  • Demonstration of hybrid RET systems in small & medium sized
    enterprises the in agro-industry

    Solar, biogas and biomass applications will be demonstrated that will improve the productivity of the sector through energy cost reductions, reduced post-harvest losses, increased yields etc. Through such pilots, resulting energy savings and GHG emissions reduction, will showcase the potential for the sector to contribute to climate change mitigation.
    The project will provide:
      Assistance to provincial councils for monitoring and reporting.
      Support to conduct feasibility studies in identified locations.
      Financial support to SMEs to adopt hybrid RETs and training and capacity building for endusers.

  • Enhancing South South Coperation

    As steps towards the sustainability of the project will establish a platform for business matchmaking, facilitate a business match making forum, expose stakeholders to best business practices, provide technical training for local service providers and will build a joint research center.
    These interventions will pave the way to,
     Upscale successful applications.
      Increase RET penetration into the agricultural sector.

The project promotes South South Cooperation through technology transfer from China
with broader development objectives

The selected technologies, solar, biogas and biomass technologies will provide solutions to address issues faced by the SME sector in order to increase productivity and promote gender equality in the agricultural sector through gender responsive technologies

Biogas technologies

Advanced biogas technologies from China will be transferred that include process control and automation, communication interfaces for monitoring and system optimization for efficient operation. Applications from biogas such as power generation and process thermal needs will be focus of the project

Solar Technologies

Solar technologies to address issues faced by SMEs will be the focus such as solar powered milk can coolers for small farmers, solar sprayers, solar powered cold rooms, solar powered greenhouses etc.

Biomass Technologies

To encourage the use of agricultural residue as a source of energy briquetting and pelleting plants integrated with applications such as mobile biomass fired rice dryers, boilers etc. will be demonstrated.

Triangular South-South Cooperation (TSSC) between China, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia

The innovation in the TSSC project approach lies in the organizational setting of the project. Various stakeholders are brought together under the umbrella of a unique project, addressing multiple development challenges and government priorities in both countries” . Through the triangular cooperation, sharing knowledge and best practices and technical assistance is strengthened between the countries

Developing capacities of provincial council

To monitor and verify energy savings and GHG reduction for different RET piloted by the project.

Joint Research Center

These centers with the support from China Agricultural University will identify and propose solutions to increase RET penetration.

Best Business Practices

A match making platform will help identify suppliers and facilitate business relationships to cater for the RET demand of the Sri Lankan agricultural sector

The effectiveness of China’s engagement in international cooperation is enhanced for the mutual benefit of China and the world.

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